Shout-Out Sunday

We are so Thankful

Greetings from Bridges at LaRosa!

Margot Ney

We are enclosing a cheque to be used for Adventures in Early Literacy. As you can imagine, our congregation of seniors, many of whom are grandmas and grandpas (and great grandparents) was most enthusiastic about this opportunity to make a difference for young people in our community. Our donation of $1000 toward this cause comes with our prayers for the success of this program in having a lasting impact on learning outcomes for Ladysmith children.

An additional donation of $300 is intended as a fitting tribute in honour of one of our members Margot Ney who died this spring. Margot was a teacher with a lifetime commitment to literacy and learning: we are pleased to have this opportunity to honour her memory by supporting a programme that would have been dear to her heart.

The total amount of this donation is, therefore, $1300 given with our thanks for all you are doing to support healthy living and learning in Ladysmith.


Pastor Kim Graham for Bridges @ LaRosa

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