Medical Transport

LRCA van

A community survey in 1993 identified transportation as a major concern for residents of the community and in particular, seniors.

The LRCA now operates a wheelchair lift equipped VAN. It’s primary purpose is to allow seniors access to medical treatment where independent means of transportation are not possible.

How Does it Work?

If a senior requires assistance in attending to medical treatment in Nanaimo or Duncan and they have no means of transportation, they only need call the LRCA at 250-245-3079. At that time the VAN can be booked and a volunteer driver will be scheduled to take them to their appointment.

The VAN operates only through the commitment and dedication of volunteers. Financial support comes from community groups like the Hospital Auxiliary. Private contributions are also made to the LRCA which helps cover the cost of operating the VAN.

We request that bookings be made as early as possible to assist us in scheduling and finding volunteers. Two weeks pre-booking is preferred.

Are There Other Alternatives?


  1. If you need to get to Victoria or Vancouver for a medical appointment, call us and we will connect you with Wheels for Wellness.