Community Justice Program

“People coming together to help other people.”

The goal of the Community Justice Program is to restore and strengthen relationships within the community that have been damaged by crime and conflict.   To do this, we provide opportunities for those harmed and those responsible for the harm to come together and talk, enabling everyone affected by a particular incident to play a part in repairing the harm and finding a positive way forward.

Ladysmith Community Justice Program volunteers are trained in the principles of restorative justice. The purpose of these dialogues is to foster awareness and understanding of what has happened and how people have been affected.  Victims are given the opportunity to identify the needs that have been created by what occurred.  Offenders are given the opportunity to take responsibility for their actions.  The participants then work toward an agreement to repair the harm and meet those needs.

Our primary source of referrals is the RCMP.  The Youth Criminal Justice Act promotes the use of restorative justice and other alternative measures to criminal charges when possible.  We also accept referrals from other legal agencies, community organizations, and individuals.  Currently, we are working on increasing our collaboration with schools and with groups who support seniors at risk of abuse.

For more information, please contact Richard at (250) 245-3311 or by email at