Fruit Rescue Program

The Fruit Rescue program aims to ensure that extra food grown is harvested and shared within the community.

1/3 to tree/garden owners, 1/3 to volunteer pickers and 1/3 to local charitable organizations for distribution.

Each year, an abundance of apples, cherries, plums, and more are grown locally, but not always harvested. The Fruit Rescue team wants to create a bridge between the those who have unused excess produce and those who could benefit from access to more fresh, healthy food!

How will it work? Area residents are invited to contact if you have fruit trees or veggies that need picking. If you would like to volunteer to pick fruit or veggies, sign up HERE. (Please indicate you are interested in the Food Recovery program, on Page 3 of the volunter signup FORM).

We will coordinate mutually convenient times to assess, harvest and share the bounty in equal thirds.

The primary goal of the fruit rescue program is helping owners to collect wholesome fresh produce, keeping it from going to waste, benefitting the community and sharing with others who might be facing food security challenges.

Rescue Recipes to Try

Veggie Bread Fritata
Mango Chutney
Lemon Squares
Moroccan Carrot Salad
Exotic Eggplant
Green Goddess Low Fat Dressing or Dip
Zippy Broccoli
Cottage Cheese Bran Muffins
Leek and Potato Soup
African-style Peanut Stew
Turnip Curry
Yogurt from Aging Yogurt and Milk
Easy Carrot Cake
Zucchini Mezze


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About Us

It all began early in 1992 at a meeting of the Ladysmith Inter-Agency Liaison Committee, a group of representatives from the government-mandated agencies formed in the early 1970s to maximize cooperation among the agencies while minimizing the duplication of services.

In 1992, this group pooled some of their own money and decided to form a non-profit association to try to deal with these recurring situations. This became the foundation of the Ladysmith Resources Centre Association.

Read more about our history HERE (PDF).