Mother Goose

A FREE Interactive Caregiver and Child program of song, rhymes and stories and is offered every Thursday at 10:30 a.m. and 12:30 p.m., provided for children who are newborn to five years old. Sessions include singing followed up with a circle of sharing and a check-in.

Mother Goose: Songs, Rhymes, Stories!

Mother Goose is active and offers a lot of excitement for children up to the age of five, says Tatiana, the program coordinator.

Virtual Mother Goose

Come sing your favourite songs and learn a few new ones.

For more information, call LRCA at 250-245-3079, send Tatiana an email or join our Facebook Group.

What are the Benefits?

For Parents

  • See how they can positively affect their child’s behaviour and learning.

  • Share ways of dealing with cranky, fussy times.

  • Gain language and pre-literacy experiences.

For Children

  • Gain self-esteem.

  • Develop social skills.

More Info

The Parent-Child Mother Goose program came into being because of the simple truth that rhymes, songs and stories can enrich and make smoother the lives shared by babies and adults.

Mother Goose

During a session of the program, parents sit in a circle on the floor with their babies on their laps and we do rhymes together. "Doing a rhyme" means combining the saying of the rhyme with actions that fit the meaning and rhythm of the words, bringing great enjoyment to everyone involved.

At home, moms and dads find that the rhymes are a a pleasure and a help in many situations:

  1. Comforting a tired baby.
  2. Distracting a fussy or mischievous one.
  3. Getting through necessary chores such as diaper changing and face washing.
  4. In a doctor's office or a bank lineup, or on a long car trip, a few rhymes and songs that the parent and baby both enjoy are more valuable than fistfuls of cookies.

No baby is too young for rhymes, songs and stories. The youngest respond to a rhythmic voice, a cuddle, a touch and a smiling face. By the age of four or five months, babies wait with a delighted expectation for the climax of a rhyme - a tickle, hug or gentle bounce.

Older babies will ask for their favorites by bouncing or waving a foot. Early words often come from beloved rhymes, songs and stories, and parents learn quickly what is wanted when a small person says: zoom zoom.. or Too-rah look-rah!

You will find that the way you use any particular rhyme will change depending on the situation and the age of your child. A rhyme may start out as something to say to a baby who is too little to speak, and become any or all of the following: familiar words to comfort in hard times, a rousing game, delightful language to share with a child on the brink of speech, a short but satisfying story. Most important a rhyme or song is an always available source of enjoyment for both baby and adult, requiring no equipment, suitable for use anywhere...done in the voice your baby loves best!

There are no rules for using songs, stories and rhymes correctly. Words can be changed to be more appropriate to you and your child, so that up goes baby...becomes up goes Meghan! As for actions, every parent knows that their babies have definite preferences. Most love to be bounced, but some don't care for it. Some are pleased to be tickled, others don't like it at all. It is the best to start gently, watching your baby to see what he or she most loves and responds to. Together you will probably come up with completely new ways to do our favorites. Just find a song or rhyme that appeals to you and make it your own. Chances are that you and your child will be doing that song or rhyme for months and years to come, and may be passed along in your family for generations to come. Enjoy!

Some Rhymes

Two Little Eyes

Two little eyes to look around
Two little ears to hear each sound
One little nose to smell what’s sweet
One little mouth that likes to eat!

Rocking Horse

Now rocking horse, rocking horse
Where shall we go?
The worlds such a very big place
You must know.
To see all it’s wonders
The wise people say
‘Twould take us together
A year and a day.

One Potato

One potato, Two potato
Three potato, Boo
Four potato, Five potato
I Love You!

On My Foot

On my foot there is a flea!
Now its climbing up on me!
Past my belly,
Past my nose
On my head
Where my hair grows!

On my head there is a flea!
Now its climbing down on me!
Past my belly,
Past my knee
On my toe
Take that you flea!

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