Family Support Services

Family Support Program

Services are currently offered via phone and video conferencing. Call 250-245-3079 for more information.

The Family Support Program is an intervention program designed to address familial stress and to reduce the requirement for child protection intervention in those families who have been approved by the Family & Youth Support Services Screening Committee. The target population is children 5 to 12 years of age and at high risk of being removed from the family home by MCFD. The behaviours would be of severe nature, including being at risk to self or others and isolation. At the discretion of the screening committee services may be provided to children outside the set age-range.

Program objectives: improve family stability and increase functioning, foster effective social and behavioural skills in children, provide consultation with other professionals, assist children and their family/caregivers to access community supports and resources.

Duration: short-term (up to 3 months), goal-oriented , with desired outcomes relating to behavioural stability, overall improved family functioning and a lessening of risk of removal.

Referral criteria & process: M.C.F.D. priority (high risk of child protection intervention), community based (Ladysmith), voluntary, parental support, goals outlined by referring worker in discussion with the family. The Ladysmith Special Services Screening Committee would accept referrals from community agencies including schools, LRCA, MCFD (Child protections & CYMH) etc.

Eligibility will be decided on risk, goals and availability of workers.

*Please note: In some cases we may require written consent (from legal guardians of the child) in order to provide support services to the child/ren.

For more information about this program contact Kortney at 250-245-3079 or email her directly.

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