Counselling Program Resumes

We are pleased to announce we restarted our LRCA counselling program.

Currently, we offer 6 to 8 sessions, utilizing strength-based, solution-focused approaches. Our counsellors are volunteers and come from a variety of helping professional backgrounds. All members of the counselling team are supported by a clinical supervisor.

How it Works

If you think you might benefit from our counselling services, please contact the LRCA by phone or email listed below. When a counsellor becomes available, you will be contacted to come in for an intake interview. If it is mutually agreed to proceed, your counsellor will discuss plans for 6 to 8 sessions with you.


Intake interview – no charge
Sessions: $20 per session based on ability to pay
(Note: We do not turn anyone away based on inability to pay. If our session costs provide a barrier and/or hardship to you, please discuss this with the counsellor during intake.)

For more information

PHONE: 250 245 3079