Coldest Night of the Year 2020

We walk through the cold and dark on February 22, 2020 to declare our concern for people who have no home, and take shelter in nooks and crannies.

We walk for those whose days are a battle to house and feed their families, and whose nights are filled with fear and frustration.

We walk for those driven from home by violence and abuse. And we walk for people overwhelmed by isolation, guilt and despair.

We walk humbly, realizing that anyone can lose their footing and then lose everything else.

We hope you will join us on February 22nd, by joining our team (LRCA CNOY Walkers) or signing up as a team to collect pledges and walk with us... proudly showing the community spirit that Ladysmith is famous for. 

We need YOU ~ *Walk *Give *Volunteer *Spread the Word

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