CNOY Changes for 2021

Fully Virtual Event: Either individually, or in their team bubbles, participants can choose to walk anytime in February on their own routes close to home.

No Registration Fee: The registration fee is no more! Everyone is welcome to come and support their local CNOY charity.

Thank You Toques: This year, participants who raise a modest minimum will receive their own CNOY toque as our thank you for fundraising! ($150 for adults 18 and over, $75 for youth 17 and under).

Cash + Cheque Handling: There’ll be no cash or cheque collection on event day this year - this will keep everyone a little safer, and reduce the organizing strain on busy CNOY charities:

  • Cheques should be made out to Coldest Night of the Year and mailed directly to the CNOY Head Office for processing.
  • Cash donations can be paid off online quickly and simply in Fundhub.

Since teams are walking within their own team bubbles anytime in Feb. we are planning an official CNOY virtual event for February 20 from 4pm to 6pm. We are hoping teams will join us and share their walks with us through pictures and/or videos which can be shared during the live feed. We will be using both Zoom and YouTube for participation! It would be fantastic if you could join us!

There’s a lot of hurt and uncertainty in our communities right now, and it feels like it’s getting colder each day. It’s been a tough year for most of us, and maybe for you personally, but we believe there’s a place for everyone if we can come together – regardless of what life throws our way (pandemics included).

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