CBFR 2020 List of Prize Winners

Now that you've finished your run, it's time to collect your reward! Your limited edition Cinnamon Bun Fun Run Cookies from Old Town Bakery is now available.

The LRCA staff have a master list of all participants and will gladly provide you with your yummy (and well deserved) cookie.

Cookies will be available from Monday to Thursday from 9 AM - 3 PM, starting on November 30 2020 at the lower parking lot entrance to the Ladysmith Resource Centre Association building (Address: 630 2nd Avenue, Ladysmith, BC).

You might also have won a prize from one of the outstanding event sponsors

Here is the list of Prize Winners and the prizes:

  • David Sansalone: A Memorable Gift
  • Keleigh Annau: Citrus Cycles Prize
  • Emily Bullen: Citrus Cycle Prize
  • Austin Agonis: Frontrunners $25 GC
  • Charlotte Dunwoody: Frontrunners $25 GC
  • Sandra Flower: Frontrunners $25 GC
  • Christina Joost: Frontrunners $25 GC
  • Kelysha Kalke: Frontrunners $25 GC
  • Betty Perkins: Frontrunners $25 GC
  • Shannon Tagseth: Frontrunners $25 GC
  • Wanda Truesdell: Frontrunners $25 GC
  • Margaret Cargill: Frontrunners Shoe Gift
  • Leanna LeFevre: Frontrunners Shoe Gift
  • Michael Rowell: LCU Gift Basket
  • Peter Dunn: Tim Hortons Gift
  • Chrissy Klemencic: Tim Hortons Gift

Please contact the LRCA at 250-245-3079 to arrange to pick up your prize at the LRCA Office


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