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Counselling program resumes

We are pleased to announce we restarted our LRCA counselling program. Currently we offer 6 to 8 sessions, utilizing strength based, solution focused approaches. Our counsellors are volunteers and come from a variety of helping profession backgrounds. All members of the counselling team are supported by a clinical supervisor. How it works: If you think you might benefit from our counselling services, please contact the LRCA by phone or email listed below. When a counsellor...Read More

Move from Islander Hotel to Rialto looms

Renovation of Rialto shelter by Saywell Contracting Ltd. is an impressive project now nearing completion. Shelter supervisor Kascey Pipe (above) sits on the bed of one of 10 pods in the new space which accommodates men and women in different parts of the BC Housing building. Karen Laing, LRCA Executive Director, observed the improvements today (Tuesday) with Dale Ennis, Saywell Contracting project manager. LRCA expects to fully move out of the Island Hotel shelter sometime...Read More

If teaching seniors computer literacy is your passion . . .

The struggle with technology never ends. But it is not impossible to triumph over it. Using laptops, mobile telephones and tablets can be a mystery when integrating them with email, social media channels and jpeg images. LRCA is setting up a Seniors Connect Program specifically focused on computer literacy, to be delivered at Ladysmith Resources Centre with a tentative launch date of April 1. The program is recruiting individuals who can teach seniors new technology....Read More

LRCA helping file income tax forms earlier

Do you need a hand completing your income tax and benefit form? If so, our LRCA Community Volunteer Income Tax program (CVITP) may be for you. Our specially-trained volunteers can help you complete your forms. The CVITP LRCA is slated to begin earlier, on March 8 this year and ending on April 30, 2022. In order to receive government benefits such as GST, Guaranteed Income Supplement, Child Tax Credit your income tax must be completed...Read More

New LRCA Downtown Storybook Stroll Feb. 9-23

Ladysmith Resources Centre Association is proud to present a new Ladysmith Downtown Storybook Stroll Feb. 9-23 in the windows of 19 downtown businesses and organizations. Tanya Reid, LRCA Adventures in Early Literacy program coordinator/facilitator says "it will be just one book this time and it will stay up for two weeks." The event provides opportunities for families to "have fun together" and support literacy in the community in a unique way. Book featured is "What...Read More